Loki (Oct 2014)

Loki 1

Name: Loki (洛基)

Breed: Japanese Akita cross (日本秋田串)

Color: Cream(奶油色)

Sex: Male(neutered) (公,已绝育)

Age: 2.5 years (两岁半)

Size: medium size, 22kg (中型犬,22kg)


Experience: Loki is a 2 ½ year old Japanese Akita Cross who has been a part of our family since we rescued him when he was 1 month old. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we are no longer able to give Loki the attention he deserves or walk him every day, therefore we are looking to find him a new home in which he will be loved and cared for as much as he has been with us.

Loki is an amazing dog around people and has an incredibly loving and loyal nature. He loves his cuddly toys and can always be relied upon to greet you with a toy in his mouth when you walk through the door! He displays a wonderful temperament towards our 9 month old daughter and does not complain when his ears and tail are pulled or his hair is ruffled the wrong way. Loki is also used to living with a cat, getting along fine with no problems at all. As a medium size dog he can be boisterous when he plays and he does get excited when visitors come to the house, however with the right discipline he calms down quickly.

Loki has spent Christmas and Summer holidays in kennels with Buddy Dog and as a result has become a well trained dog. He knows all the basic commands and is well housetrained. As a dog growing up in an apartment and with a working family, he is used to being left on his own, however he would much rather have the company of humans around him – he likes to be kept occupied!

Due to a couple of incidents when he was younger, Loki needs a definite firm hand when around other dogs, and keeping him on the lead when being walked is a must. He was attacked and bitten by 3 poodles when he was very small and as a result has a protective nature when he comes across other dogs. This is a specific area that Buddy Dog have worked through during his training and now when he knows another dog he is absolutely fine, it is just an initial meeting with unfamiliar dogs, that needs care and attention.

Loki is fully up to date with all flea and worming treatments and he has all his vaccinations including his rabies vaccinations from the Government Shenpu Animal Clinic. He has also been microchipped.

Loki 2