Bean & Sesame (Oct 2014) – Sasame has been adopted!

Bean & Sesame

Name: Sesame and Bean (芝麻和黑豆)

Breed: mixed(杂交犬)

Color: Sesame is black, and Bean is black and white (芝麻黑色,黑豆黑白色)

Sex: Female, not spayed (母,未绝育)

Age: 1.5- 2months(约1.5-2个月大)

Size: Small, weight 2.5kg (小型犬,体重2.5kg)

Bean and Sesame were given birth by a stray dog who has lived in a residential compound for several years. The mother dog was very diligent in nursing them and protecting them from all harms. Nevertheless, the security guards in the compound had decided to seize the puppies (there were altogether 6 in the litter) for sale or dumping. A kind hearted lady living in the compound who had been providing food for the mother dog and puppies started a rescue mission and finally three of the puppies were rescued. One has been adopted out and 2 (Bean and Sesame) now live in Buddydog.

The twins have great personalities, love people, come when being called, cheerful and very healthy. They are now about 6-8 weeks old and ready for adoption. We hope to find them loving family/families and we believe it will be a rewarding experience for the family/families that embrace them with love!

sesame 2Bean 1

sesame 1