Breed: Corgi mix (柯基杂交犬)

Color: black, white and tan (三色)

Sex: male (neutered)(公,已绝育)

Age: about 1 year (约1岁左右)

Size: small (weight 10kg) (小型犬,10kg)

Experience:Bono was found by a lady and her ex boyfriend in front of a flower shop when he was about 2 months old. He had a good life with them. The man’s mother was responsible for taking care of him. He has been neutered and is up to date with his vaccinations and rabies shot, and he is very healthy. But unfortunately the lady owner had to leave Shanghai and the old lady could no longer take care of Bono due to health issues. The lady had previously found a new home for Bono before she left, but later she was told by the new owner that the landlord wouldn’t allow dogs in her house thus Bono needs a new home now. “He is smart, I have trained him for pee and poo, he only eats when you say”Ok”, he is just scared of strange people, need time a stranger to get his trust” according to the owner.