LulaBreed: Mix
Color: Tan
Sex: Female (spayed)
Age: About two years
Size: Medium (weight 14kg)

Experience: Lula grew up in the housing estate behind Eagle Valley Veterinary Center in Changning District. Nobody knows where she came from. A kind hearted resident in that housing estate had a pity on Lula and then started feeding her, but he could not take her in as he already had one big dog in his apartment. In January of 2012, Lula fell ill. He brought her to Zhengyi Clinic for a check and at the same time had her vaccinated and spayed.

LulaLula is a smart dog. She would wait outside the building for the kind hearted resident, waiting him to return home from his work. Sometimes she even went inside and ran upstairs to check if he was there. The other residents of the building felt disturbed by her and requested security guards of the compound to take her away. On Feb 4, Lula was caught by the guards and they were ready to get rid of her. Buddydog’s owner came to know about it and decided to help Lula.

So Lula came to Buddydog and stays with Buddydog Team and other dogs at till now. She completed basic obedience training and is well-socialized. She has a good nature and temperature, and gets along with other dogs and people.

For more information, please contact Bess: 15802100791