Manique – ADOPTED!

Manique 1 copy

Breed: Dalmatian(斑点狗)

Color: White and Black(黑和白)

Sex: Female (not spayed) (母,未绝育)

Age: about 8 years (约8岁)

Size: medium size, weight 18kg (中型犬,18kg)

Manique has been in China for several years. In the past her owner needed to travel a lot because of working and Manique had to stay with her dog sitter. Later her owner moved to Hongkong because of her new job and kept Manique at BuddyDog. After 3 years,  she could no longer afford to keep Manique and had to give Manique up. Manique is a very friendly dog, she gets along with others and loves to be around people. She has been trained and can give proper and quick responses to basic commands. She likes eating treats and playing balls. She is definitely a lovely companion.

Manique 2 copy