Muffin (Aug 2013) – ADOPTED!

Muffin 1Muffin 2Breed: Pug (八哥)

Color: Yellow and black (黄色和黑色)

Sex: Female (not spayed) (母,未绝育)

Age: about 10 month old (约十个月大)

Size: small, weight 4kg (小型犬,体重4kg)

Experience: Before Muffin lived in the city center happily with a young lady from Indonesia. One day the lady’s female landlord saw Muffin and said to them “No dogs in my house. You two have to move out”, then Muffin came to Buddydog for boarding and the lady started to look for a new apartment. Unfortunately at that time the young lady’s father became very sick and had had surgeries twice in Singapore. The young lady had to resign her job and went to Singapore to take care of her father. Muffin couldn’t go to Indonesia because the quarantine will be six months and no one will be available to take care of her. So hope someone can give a new and warm home for her!