Name: Peanut (小小)

Breed: Mixed (中华田园犬)

Colour: tri-color, mainly brown (三色)

Sex: Female ( not spayed) (母,未绝育)

Age: about 10 months (约10个月大)

Size: small, weight 4kg ( 小型犬,体重4kg)

Experience:Peanut was found by a rescuer when she was very young. At that time she was sick and skinny lying in the garbage. There was no hair on her head as a lot of mites bit her. The rescuer sent her to a clinic to receive treatment. Vets and nurses there took good care of her and she became better and better and how she is in perfect shape. Now Peanut lives at Buddydog. She becomes very confident and sociable after getting some training from our staff. She is very energetic and playful. Playing with people and other dogs is her most favourite pastime :-)

Peanut 1 peanut 2