Wei Wei

Name: Wei Wei
Breed: Mix
Color : Light Brown and white
Sex: Female (spayed)
Age: about 4 years
Sizes: small size (weight 6kg)

Wei WeiExperience: One morning in March 2011, Wei Wei was found trying to cross the busy intersection of Tianshan Rd and Weining Rd, she seemed not used to crossing roads as she looked very nervous and was frightened by the passing cars. The rescuers went after her and got hold of her. Apparently she must have been lost from home as she was very clean. Rescuers put up notices with several shops and residential compounds in nearby area hoping to help her find her owner, but no one came for her. She came to stay at BuddyDog and got along very well with other dogs at BuddyDog. To people, she would keep vigilant at the beginning, and gradually she will trust you and show her belly to you. She is very smart, she learned how to sit, lie down and even play dead. She would be ideal for a family who loves spending a lot of time with her.