Xiao Lang – ADOPTED!

Xiaolang 1 copy

Breed: German Shepherd (德牧)

Color: Tan and Black (褐色和黑色)

Sex: Female, spayed (母,已绝育)

Age: about 4 years(约4岁)

Size: medium size, weight 27kg (中型犬,体重27kg)

Experience: Xiaolang was a stray dog in one compound in Puxi. One guard of that compound rescued her, but this kind man didn’t have enough money to buy her dog food and pay medicine for her ear. Xiaolang had middle ear infection problem, and her teeth were not good. We sent her to a vet to treat her ear, and at the same time had her spayed. Now her ears are ok, but her left ear became thick. She is extremely gentle, gets along very well with other dogs and loves to be around with people, but she never invites other dogs to play with her actively. Now she is ready for adoption. Hope she can find a forever home soon.

Xiaolang 2 copy