Our Facilities

BuddyDog is a topnotch dog boarding and training schools in Shanghai. Currently BuddyDog has two campuses — Xuyuan Campus and Taoyuan Campus. Both campuses are located in Pudong New District. Each campus has professional agile training equipments and field; several outdoor playgrounds for dogs of all sizes; kennels equipped with individual dogruns, rain sheds and air conditioners. We also have large swimming pools for the doggie swimmers.

BuddyDog Kennel AreaBuddyDog Big Kennel

Your love is our care. Dogs’ Health, Safety and Happiness are our priorities.We will continue our efforts to upgrade our facilities and improve our staff’s quality to make BuddyDog a better place.

Our Management

We have regular schedules in each season. Every day dogs have minimum of three times outdoor activities. And outdoor time lasts about 7 – 8 hours per day.

We will only let your dog play and interact with other dogs with your permission and under our professional caretakers’ and trainers’ supervision.

We have many play areas in our school. Dogs will be brought out to play and run in our huge field under our staff’s supervision. There are also several play areas in our yard for group play and training. The rain sheds ensure our dogs’ outdoor activities will note affected during rainy days.

We maintain very high standard of hygiene, we clean and disinfect our kennels thoroughly every morning. Food and water bowls are washed after every meal. Dogs’ poo and pee are cleaned immediately to prevent spread of diseases.

We do health check on dogs’ ears, eyes, paws and skin every day. You will be informed immdiately if any abnormalities are found. We will bring your dog to your family vet or our recommended vet when necessary.

We only feed your dog fresh purified water.

We follow your instructions strictly including feeding, supplement or meidicine administration and others.

We provide free bath to your dog if the stay is longer than one week.

Our live-in staffs ensure 24 hours’ care and safety for your dog.

We will give you email/wechat updates of your dog with pictures twice per week. In case of emergency, the dog’s parents will be contacted as soon as possible.

BuddyDog - Inside KennelBuddyDog Play Area


  • Your dog must be over four months of age and has recieved complete vaccinations and rabies shot.
  • Kennel cough vaccine is highly recommended.
  • Your dog must be in good health, no medical conditions within past 15 days, and no contagious diseases within past 30 days.
  • Your dog must have been de-wormed wthin past 3 months.We supply deworming pills at a charge if you need.
  • Monthly anti-flea&tick treatment must be administrated. If your dog stays with us for more than one month, we can help to apply the treatment. We supply anti-flea&tick treatment at a charge if you need.
  • Please bring your dog’s food and other favorite personal items like bedding, toys, and etc.

BuddyDog Big KennelTrainers

Boarding Fees

Small Dogs (<10kg)
Regular price: 140RMB/night
Membership price: 126RMB/night
Long term boarding(≥3months): 2500RMB/month

Medium Dogs (>10kg ~25kg)
Regular price: 160RMB/night
Membership price: 144RMB/night
Long term boarding(≥3 months): 3000RMB/month

Large Dogs (>25kg~45kg)
Regular price: 180RMB/night
Membership price: 162RMB/night
Long term boarding(≥3months): 3500RMB/month

Super Large Dogs (>45kg)
Regular price:200RMB/night
Membership price: 180RMB/night
Long term boarding(≥3months): 4000RMB/month

All the prices listed don’t include dog food. We highly recommend that dog owners bring their own dog food. If needed, we can also provide quality dog food at a charge (see prices below).

If the owner has more than one dog boarded in the same room, we can offer 20% off to the second dog(smaller one), and 30% off to the third one(smallest one).

We provide pick up & drop off services and charge 150RMB per trip for Pudong area, 200RMB per trip for Puxi area.

Boarding fee will be 1.5 times regular prices in Chinese New Year Public holiday(7 nights total).

3800RMB needs to be credited to get membership discount. We offer 10% off to BuddyDog members on boarding and training.

As for payment, we collect full pay while dogs check in and can accept cash, alipay and wechat pay.

Dog Food Prices

Small Dogs (<10kg): 10RMB/day
Medium Dogs (>10kg~25kg) : 15RMB/day
Large Dogs (>25kg~45kg) :20RMB/day
Super Large Dogs (>45kg) :25RMB/day