Our Facility

BuddyDog has one of the best dog kennels in Shanghai. We have large kennels
for medium to super large size dogs and small comfortable dog rooms for small breeds.

BuddyDog Kennel AreaBuddyDog Big Kennel

All our kennels come with air conditioning and heating systems. Each large kennel has its own individual outdoor run to ensure your dog has plenty of space for exercise on his/her own all the time. We also have many play areas in our facility for dogs to exercise and play in a group under supervision.

Our Management

  • Minimum of three individual walks daily.
  • Play time: We have many play areas in our school compound. Dogs will be brought out to play and run in our 3000 sqm off-leash field under our staff supervision. There are also several play areas in our yards for group play.
  • Our daily housekeeping includes thorough cleaning and disinfecting every morning. During the day, the facility will be cleaned frequently and thoroughly to maintian high standard of hygiene.
  • We only feed your dog with fresh purified water.
  • Daily basic health check includes: ears, eyes, paws and skin, looking out for any injuries and infections. You will be informed immediately if any abnormalities are found. We will bring your dog to your family vet or our recommended vet when necessary.
  • Follow your instructions strictly such as food feeding, supplement/medicine administration and others.
  • We will only let your dog play and interact with other dogs with related owners’ permission and play will be under our staff supervision.
  • Free wash once a week for stay more than 7 days.
  • Our live-in staffs ensure 24 hours’ care and safety for your dog.
  • We will give you weekly email updates of your dog with pictures.

BuddyDog - Inside KennelBuddyDog Play Area


  • Your dog must be above 4 months of age and has received complete vaccinations and rabies shot.
  • Kennel cough vaccination is highly recommended.
  • Your dog must be of good health, no medical conditions within past 15 days, no contagious diseases within past 30 days.
  • Your dog must have been de-wormed within past 3 months. We supply Drontal Plus tablets at a charge if you need.
  • Monthly anti-flea and tick treatment must be administered. If your dog is staying with us for more than a month, we will help to administer the treatment. We supply Frontline anti-flea and tick treatment at a charge if you need.
  • Feel free to bring your dog’s favorite personal items such as toy, bedding, food and water bowls and etc.

BuddyDog Big KennelTrainers

Boarding Fees

Category Day 1 – Day 14 Day 15 and onwards
Small (1-10KG) RMB110/night RMB95/night
Medium (11-25KG) RMB130/night RMB115/night
Large (26-45KG) RMB150/night RMB135/night
Super Large (>46KG) RMB170/night RMB155/night

Please bring your own dog food as it is not advisable for dogs to change food temporarily due to health concerns. Nevertheless, should you need us to take care of your dog’s food, we provide Pro Plan (Chicken) at following charges:

  • Small Breed (1-10KG): RMB10 per day
  • Medium Breed (11-25KG): RMB15 per day
  • Large Breed (26-45KG): RMB20 per day
  • Super Large Breed (>45 KG) : RMB25 per day

Payment Method: We accept cash payment at the start of the boarding when you check in your dog.