One-on-One Interaction Training

This class is a tailored course during which our professional trainer provides private and exclusive lessons to you and your dog only. The lessons will be designed to cater to your individual needs, thus you and your dog will acquire necessary skills faster and more effectively. In addition, your personal participation in the training will allow you to experience the joy of training your dog with our professional help.

One on One Training 1One on One Training 2

The classes will be conducted at our school facility. Timing is very flexible depending on your availability. Just call us 2 days in advance to schedule the session. To ensure you obtain best results from the training, we suggest having lessons weekly and you to complete homework designed for you and your dog during the week at home. We encourage you to call in or write to our trainer anytime for consultation when you encounter any problem when training your dog at home.

Course Fees

Single lesson (one hour): RMB500
8 lessons in total: RMB3600