Ando (Jan 2010)

"We own a 2.5 years old Miniature Schnauzer, Ando, who has no prior training before that, except to pause for 5 seconds before allowing him to chomp on his food. When the opportunity came to send him for 6 weeks obedience training at BuddyDog Training School, we saw the glimmer of hope to correct some of his behaviour before our baby comes.

The training compound is very conducive which is ideal, as Ando is easily distracted by anything and everything. After 3 weeks of intensive training by trainer Tony, we found Ando to be very attentive, less distracted and confident when he scale the various obstacle courses. He's also able to perform some tricks which he refused to do previously, even though there's treats in front of him.

We saw more improvement in Ando weeks thereafter, and we've also saw the immaculate patience and creativity of the trainer Tony, and how he showed us the basic commands and tricks he had taught Ando. He's also explained the dos-and-don'ts to us for us to revise with Ando when at home. Tony will also call us to check on Ando on his progress at home periodically, and to discuss ways on how to break his old habits at home. We're also pleased to learn that training will be reinforced if we send him to the school for boarding.

Overall, we need not loose sleep over how's our 4-legged loyal friend, on how the caretaker's been treating Ando whilst we're out of town, because we're sure that he is in the hands of bonafide dog lovers and tender-loving-carers!

Well done, BuddyDog!!"

Elizabeth, Ando's mummy