Daisy (Apr 2013)


"Our golden retriever, Daisy (14months) has been a regular visitor to Buddy Dog over the last 7 months (for stays ranging from 3-15days). Bess and Tony are excellent at keeping us informed on how she is, her mood, appetite etc, and they always email us pictures showing what a great time she's having (they let her play with other dogs, which she loves!).

Daisy is intolerant to lots of dog foods, and for a small extra fee, they cater to her special diet - they cook rice and chicken and veg for her!

BuddyDog also did some training during one stay, and the improvements were fantastic... She could 'stay' for 20minutes even with balls being thrown around her, she also came much better when called, and could even shake 'paws'. They sent us a video by email of her training and we could see she had a lovely bond with her trainer, Wang, and was really enjoying herself.

When Buddy Dog collect Daisy from us she gets really excited, and when they bring her home - after the initial happiness at seeing us has worn off - she sometimes sits by the front door and cries a bit because she misses her trainer!

Although we've only been in Shanghai for a year, Daisy always knows some of the other dogs - it's a small friendly place with lots of regulars. They're also really flexible with drop off/ pick up times, and their rates are really reasonable. Whenever we've been to the kennels we're always impressed by how calm the atmosphere is - the dogs all look happy and healthy, and the place is really clean.

We enjoy our holidays lots more as we know Daisy is having an excellent time, being well looked after by really lovely and reliable people who are genuinely passionate about dogs. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend BuddyDog (and do to all our friends with dogs in Shanghai!)"

Jo Foston