Hershey (Aug 2010)


Dear Charis,
I would like to thank you and Tony for all of the hard work you did with Hershey! She is SUCH a good listener now! She stays on command and she is much, much more comfortable around other dogs. It is a pleasure to walk her, and my husband has commented several times about what a wonderful job you did with her training. Our ayi, Xiao Zhang, showed us all of the command signals and the command words. We have practiced with Hershey and she seems to respond to us very well. She will sit and stay, lie down, heel ... all of the things that we had been hoping she would learn. (Our younger son especially likes the tricks where Hershey jumps over his leg and plays dead ... he thinks those two tricks are rather funny!) We are just thrilled with Hershey's progress. I have already passed Your name along to a friend, and I will definitely let others at our school (SAS) know about this terrific and caring service. Thank you, again. We will contact you in a few weeks, before the Chinese National Holiday, to request a spot for Hershey during those few days. Until then, all the best."