Rodney (May 2014)

Dear Bess,

I wanted to ask your advice about our little Beagle Rodney.

We will be leaving Shanghai for good on 25th June, going back to the UK, and Rodney will be coming with us. Unfortunately, due to his late blood test date, he cannot enter the UK until 14th July.

Our dog shipping agent said that we could put Rodney in a kennel here in Shanghai and they will be able to collect him from the kennel for pre-departure vet check, and when he is taken to the airport.

The other option is that Rodney flies when we do and he has to stay in quarantine for two weeks in the UK until the timing is right for him.

I would rather he stayed in a kennel here, especially with you as you have been so wonderful both times he has stayed with you, and I wanted to know if you would be able to accommodate him and be happy with the the pet transport agent collecting Rodney when they need to for a vet check and deportation when we are not here?
Let me know what you think.

Thank you,