Rusty (Aug 2010)

"I bought my dog Rusty, a Westie, as a puppy in Australia. He moved with us to Shanghai when he was few months old. I was told that there are no good training schools in Shanghai so we tried to train him at home but was not entirely effective. He was at least toilet trained. However, when we moved to another new house in Shanghai, he started peeing at various corner in the house. He is a male dog and was known to mark territory. He also has the tendency to run off when the door is opened. We tried many methods and sorted help but without success. As he was already 6 and had this sustained habit for a few years, I was told that it is difficult to correct that habit. I came across Buddydog Training School recently. When I met Charis and Tony, I felt they were genuine dog lover who are passionate about helping. They also went out of their way to help me organize some medical help that my dog needed and helped nursed him. Rusty was put on a 4 weeks boarding training program when he recovered. I was kept informed of his progress regularly and they would even send me photo of him in the school regularly. When Rusty came back, my family was utterly surprised by the change in behavior within such short period. He understands and response to our command, does not dash out of the door when opened and more amazingly, stop peeing everywhere in the house to mark territory anymore. In fact, he has learned to refrain till he is brought to a proper place! Post the training, Tony and Charis were also keen to follow up to ensure that the training stays effective. I'm glad I found this school in Shanghai and would definitely be sending my dog for advance training as well as boarding when we go away."

Christine Ng